Evin Prison Iran, Abuse Prison?

Is the Iranian government using the Evin Prison as a torture chamber? Many people have reported the abuse that happens when prisoners are sent there. Foreigners that have been detained there have reported being isolated, threatened with death, beaten and abused on a daily basis. Women have been sent to this prison for wearing jeans! How can a government believe they are legitimate when they are sending women to prison for wearing jeans? Or sending citizens to Evin prison for speaking out or having a different opinion than the politicians ruling the country. Secure, confident governments are able to hear criticism to their rule. Governments that try and suppress opposing views are destined to fail. You shouldn’t have to beat people into believing that your views are right. If they are people will see that and believe them without being beaten, killed or jailed. This site supports free, democratic governments and parties. While these abuses are not exclusive to the Iranian government this site will provide information related to Iran and the Evin Prison.

Iran Protest

Links and videos to Information about Iran and Iranian Protests

Help Free Iran and it’s citizens from the corrupt Iranian government before more innocent people die!

Citizens of the world support a free, democratic Iran! Iranian people must know the world is watching and waiting for a day when we all can live in peace.

Iranian government just moved reformed cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Khalaji to Evin Prison

Wikipedia Page on Evin Prison

News page about Evin Prison and its horrible history. Very informative.

Maziar Bahari reports of experience in the torture chamber called Evin Prison

Wikileaks.ch – changing the way things are done, thank goodness!!!

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